Yacht Week Packing List

Yacht week packing list

With TYW summer season in full swing, I wanted to share my Yacht Week packing list because I know I definitely had questions when I was packing last summer! How many pairs of shoes? Will girls be dressed up? What if I run out of clothes to wear?? Hopefully this answers some of your lingering questions what to bring to the Yacht Week!

I went on the Yacht Week Croatia last summer and it was da-bomb. I had so much fun and am definitely planning on returning to another week. Hope you enjoy my suggestions in the Yacht Week packing list!

Split ACI Marina

Bring a soft duffle bag, backpack, etc. Hard suitcases will take up too much room! The yacht is not spacious by traditional definitions. Even if you get a larger catamaran or mono, there’s still not much storage space. I was on a Jeanneau 53 (53 foot monohull) and we did not have loads of storage space.

Bring light, summary, easy clothes and a LOT of bathing suits.

Swimsuits (4-7)! – This is the absolute must on the Yacht Week packing list. If you don’t follow anything else, please do this. You will LIVE in swimwear the entire week.

Cover-ups (2-4) – whether these are just shorts and a comfy shirt, summer dresses, or an actual coverup, make sure you have some on hand because it can get breezy while sailing and you’ll want something easy to throw over your swimsuit when you dock and explore the islands! I brought a light sweatshirt and lots of elastic waisted shorts

Party Outfits (5) – for the famed white day party on the island of Hvar, bring something…white. I brought a dress that I used on other parts of my vacation. For other parties, the outfits are relatively casual. Most girls on my week wore combos of shorts and a top/croptop, or a breezy summer dresses or rompers. So cute! I know this year the Fort George party is also themed. Tropical I believe. So keep that in mind too!


Bottoms (2-3) – Shorts! I brought 1 pair of denim shorts and one pair of easy elastic shorts. Extra points if they’re easy to dry. You can hang them on the lines of your boat during the day.

Tops (4-5) – tank tops, tshirts, crop tops, halters! Pick stuff you know you will ENJOY wearing so that it’s a no brainer when it comes to choosing outfits. Also, I definitely repeated shirts etc. No one will notice and since I was mostly in my bathing suit for days, I actually didn’t even get to a couple shirts I brought.

Dresses (2-3) – easy breezy summer dresses for exploring the islands, dinner and night parties.

Light sweater (1) – for those chilly evenings

Shoes (2) – sandals (for exploring and for parties), some sort of closed toe boat shoe if you don’t want to go barefoot (Sperry’s etc.) however, even though I brought my Sperry’s, I ended up opting to go barefoot when yacht hopping. Shower sandals. When the boat is docked, you’ll have the option to use the facilities at the dock, including showers! Shower sandals or plastic flip flops will come in handy there.

Now time for the fun stuff on the Yacht Week packing list: 

Glow paint and glow sticks – For my week, the party at Komiza was beach themed, and there were black lights. Glow paint and sticks were really fun! And the glow sticks can really be used for any party for some extra festive-ness

Floaties (!!!) – for the floating festivals and just because they are AWESOME. If you’re traveling from overseas though, try messaging the groups in Facebook to coordinate floatie sharing! People did this last year where floaties were passed down from week to week. Otherwise, my floatie added about 8lbs to my carry on bag.

Flags – for the boat. And to help you identify your home for the week when there are 50 other boats around…you might want to try solar powered lights for this as well!

Regatta props – if your crew has decided on a theme, remember to bring the props as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to buy them in Split

Water guns – these are fun when you’re just goofing around with your crew


Oh yeah, these are important too…

Towels – bring 1 – 2 so you can change them out as they get wet

Lifeproof case – to waterproof your dear phone

GoPro – if you have one, DEFINITELY bring it! You’ll want to capture all those moments diving into the water, cliff jumping, etc.

Face Wipes – because sometimes washing your face (with water) is hard on a boat. And sometimes you’ll just get lazy.

Sea sickness meds or patches – I tried the acupuncture bracelets, dunno if they worked but I didn’t get seasick. The patch that you stick behind your ear was also popular.

Sunscreen and other things to protect you from the sun – SPF, hats, sunglasses, aloe…

Do not bring: 

Your most valuable jewelry – for obvious reasons

Heels – you will NOT wear these

A hard suitcase – to reiterate, your things need to be packed in something collapsable unless you want to use precious cabin space to store a suitcase

Now that you’re all packed up, GO HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK! Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions to add to the Yacht Week packing list! xx

Official the Yacht Week Packing List here if you need more inspiration.



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