The Yacht Week – Croatia 2016

Oh The Yacht Week…it’s been almost a year since I went last June but clearly etched in my mind is the smell the sea breeze and the feel of the warm sun on my salty skin.

Words cannot really capture what this week is (or at least my words can’t). Sure there are the parties, the exotic destinations and the breathtaking scenery, but what really makes TYW so enchanting and addicting?

  1. It’s nothing like the real world. When my boat left the marina, it was like I left reality behind. No more work emails, no more thinking about the future, no more wondering if choices of my past were mistakes. Just a week of the sun and sea with friends, old and new.
  2. I’m a water child: For anyone who loves swimming and anything around water, a week of go-with-the-flow sailing across the Adriatic sea is perfect. Waking up every morning from the rocking of the sea, not an alarm clock, and going out for a quick dip in the ocean was heaven. I’ve been to my fair share of beaches and swimming spots, but there’s just something about the mediterranean that beats the rest of them: the sun was just warm enough and never burnt, the water was a deep rich blue, the skies and stars had no end. It was the perfect backdrop to the week of socializing in beautiful destinations.
  3. TYW has a reputation. Touted often as a weeklong party, a floating festival, the week can actually be what you make it. I loved walking through the small Croatian coastal towns, stepping through the winding streets and eating ice cream. I also loved dancing until the sunrise. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see a sunrise almost every day. I would totally go again…every memory is more vivid because it feels like I lived 110% every moment.

This is the first of a series of posts I’m writing to capture my experience on The Yacht Week Croatia.

Look out for packing lists, party tips, and Croatia travel journals coming soon!

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