Morocco 2 Week Travel Itinerary

Moroccan Desert Dunes

I recently got back from my first trip to Morocco! I first started planning for it over 6 months ago and after countless hours of research and aggregating information in Google sheets I finally came up with a Morocco 2 week travel itinerary I was happy with. Unfortunatly, I had to cut it to 12 days, but I’ve included my original plans at the end of this post for a full 2 weeks. Planning a 2 week trip to Morocco can be overwhelming so hopefully you can use this guide for some inspiration!

My Morocco Travel Itinerary 

Day 1: Travel day – Most flights from the US will take to you Marrakech or Casablanca. I flew out of Austin, landing in Marrakech a day later. I pre-booked an airport transfer that was quick, easy and convenient and took me straight to my riad. After checking in and enjoying a spa massage at the riad, I left to go wander through the medina to the Jemaa el-Fnaa Square, where I enjoyed the sunset from a rooftop cafe. (Night 1: Marrakech)


Sunsets over Marrakech

Day 2: Marrakech – I spent the morning wandering through the souks. There are so many different markets to explore – the Dyers Market, the Weavers Market, the Leather Market, and the Metal Market where you can watch artisans in their craft and bargain for some goods. (Night 2: Marrakech)

Souks of Marrakech

Day 3: Marrakech – I trekked out of the Medina to the Majorelle Gardens, a beautiful space Yves Saint Laurent gifted to Marrakech. After wandering through the beautiful garden, I took some time to explore the row of cute shops outside the garden entrance. After stopping at Limoni Cafe and Restaurant for lunch, I continued walking to visit Ben Youssef Madrasa (ignore any scammers telling you it’s closed!). For dinner, I wanted some wine.Since alcohol is “not illegal but not allowed” in Morocco, I went to Cafe Arabe, a restaurant in the Marrakech medina that serves alcohol. I had some Moroccan rosé (Sahari Reserve Vin Rosé De Maroc) which was actually quite fabulous. (Night 3: Marrakech)

Majorelle Gardens


Day 4: Marrakech – I went to explore the Bahia Palace, a palace and gardens from the late 19th century. On my way back to the riad, I stopped by Naranj, a great Lebanese restaurant with really friendly owners! (Night 4: Marrakech)


Bahia Palace

Day 5: Bright and early, I got on a 4×4 Jeep for the start of my Sahara Desert Tour! I chose to do a private tour with one other friend instead of doing a group tour (mainly because I get car sickness on tour buses). The guide, Zaid, was amazing! On the first day, we drove through the High Atlas mountains and stopped by several scenic routes before stopping to spend the night under the stars in Dades valley. (Night 5: Dades Valley)


Day 6: I woke up early to watch the sunrise from Dades valley and continued our drive along the scenic roads filled with palm trees and desert villages. After stopping at the Todra Gorge and stopping to “water some camels” (pump water from a desert well so thirsty wild camels can drink), we arrived at a hotel to drop off our luggage before going to the spectacular dunes of Merzouga. We took a camel ride out to the nomad camp in the middle of the dunes. Unfortunately there was a storm and we were unable to see the sunset… (Night 6: Under the stars in the Sahara sand dunes)



Day 7: I woke up at a crazy hour at 4:30am to stare at the starry sky. After hiking up to the top of the dune near camp, I was rewarded with a spectacular sunrise. We returned to camp on the camels and hopped back into the car to make the trip to Fez. (Night 7: Fez) 

Day 8: Fez – The Fez medina is more manageable than the Marrakech medina. I didn’t feel as lost all the time. Can’t-miss sights include the Chouara Leather Market, the Metal Market (watch artisans craft metal products), Al Attaran Medersa, and Fes el Bali. (Night 8: Fez)



Chouara Tannery

Day 9: Fez / Chefchaouen – I woke up early to try to get some sights in before we left at lunchtime. I was able to go to Medersa Bou Inania and trek up to the Tombeaux des Merindes for panoramic views of the Fez medina. Then it’s a 3 hour drive through the mountains to Chefchaouen. I hiked up to the abandoned Spanish Mosque to watch the sunset and enjoy cool views of this blue city nestled in the mountainside. (Night 9: Chefchaouen)


Chefchaouen - Mountain views

Day 10: Chefchaouen – I stayed in the most amazing hotel here, Dar Sababa, where the terrace had great views of the whole city and the breakfast spread was top notch. I spent the day wallowing in my room because I got food poisoning, but it would have been amazing to spend more time wandering and getting aimlessly lost in this beautiful place. (Night 10: Chefchaouen)


Day 11: Tangier – I took a car to Tangier in the morning and arrived around lunchtime. After settling in, I walked through the medina to go sit on the city beach and relax. (Night 11: Tangier)


Day 12: I had time for one last excursion before leaving (Hercules Cave is popular), but I choose to stay in the city and check out the American Legation museum and the Kasbah, which has beautiful views of the ocean. I took my time savoring a fresh watermelon mint smoothie and tomato salad at Salon Bleu while looking at the ocean (my last Moroccan meal! 🙁 ).

Then off to the airport and to the next destination!

Add 2 days to the above to make it a full Morocco 2 week itinerary: 

  • Upon landing in Marrakech, take a bus or join a tour out to Essaouira – a beach town west of Marrakech. Spend 1 night here before heading back to Marrakech to start the itinerary above
  • While in Fez, stay an extra night so a day trip to Volubilis and Meknes is possible

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