3 Perfect Days in Mexico City

I’ve been busy planning my trips for 2018 and I couldn’t help but think back to some of the great trips I had last year! One of my favorite trips was my trip to Mexico City in February. It was 3 perfect days in Mexico City, just enough to make me want to come back for more!





After a long week of work we hopped on a super convenient direct flight from Austin to Mexico City and were there just in time to catch rush hour traffic 😉 It was super easy to use Uber to get around the city. We arrived at our AirBnb in Polanco and settled in. Boy was this place amazing – rooftop patio, impeccable decor and art, lots of space to hang out and watch the sunset. We were starving so we headed out to grab some tacos in the nearby area and then bar hop around. This area has a ton of restaurants and bars including the famous Pujol and Quintonil. We unfortunately did not make advance reservations and were unable to get off the waitlist, so I would definitely recommend booking ahead of time if you want to try these places! Because our AirBnb was so close, we actually just walked everywhere this first evening.






From our adventures of the previous night, we were off to a lazy start on Saturday. We decided we wanted to walk to Zocolo so we could easily see the sights between Polanco and Zocolo. Little did we know how far it was. We actually ended up walking over 8 miles! We strolled through Bosque de Chapultepec (an urban park) home to a ton of museums and street vendors. Although we were warned beforehand not to try street food, we saw a really popular place selling al pastor tacos and couldn’t resist. We made our way down Paseo de la Reforma (a major street in Mexico City) and passed by the Angel of Independence monument. The architecture in Mexico City is pretty amazing and you see a lot of cool buildings along this walk. Finally, we end up in the historic city center. At this point we were starving and tired from all the walking, so as we approached Zocolo we stopped at a rooftop restaurant for lunch. Lucky us! We get a table on the balcony overlooking the square. El Bacon del Zocalo was fabulous; I highly recommend the ceviche, table-side guacamole, and octopus!




We spent the afternoon exploring the area. The Mexico City Cathedral is right in the middle of the square and shouldn’t be missed! We also wandered through several different galleries tucked into the narrow streets off the square. Some other interesting sights were the sinking building and the National Palace. (Tip: remember to bring your ID to get into the palace! It’s beautiful and a great place to rest from the hectic streets outside)





^did you notice? I kind of have a thing for doors

We were exhausted and took an Uber back to rest up before dinner. That night we explored the La Condesa neighborhood and checked out Xampaneria for a couple of post dinner cocktails. This area is beautiful to walk around in and there are so many great cocktail bars around!

We were up by 7am the next morning to head to the Teotihuacan pyramids. We wanted to get there early to avoid the crowds. Because one in our group has friends in Mexico City, we were able to get a ride over to the pyramids. Otherwise, we likely would have just gotten an Uber or taken a public bus. Once there, we climbed both the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Both offer great views of the area. (Tip: if you have the choice, climb Pyramid of the Sun first as those lines tend to get pretty long!) I was surprised by how large the area was…and how harsh the sun was. I was grateful I wore sunscreen and bring a hat if you have one.



I was so exhausted after this excursion so I spent the rest of the day lazing around the AirBnb and drinking coffees nearby.




Time to pack up and head back to Austin! Adios Mexico City! There were some sights we didn’t make it to (like the Frida Kahlo museum! and the many museums in Bosque de Chapultepec! The traffic in Mexico City is terrible so something to consider when planning) so they’re definitely on my list for next time. I know I’ll be back!


3 Perfect Days in Mexico City

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